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Operational Hours

Monday - Friday       Saturday - Sunday
0800 - 2200 hrs        0830 - 2200 hrs

Excluding Public holidays & Valentine's day.

Delivery Hours 


Monday - Friday       Saturday - Sunday
0800 - 1200 hrs        0830 - 2200 hrs
1300 - 1700 hrs        1300 - 1700 hrs

1800 - 2200 hrs        1800 - 2200 hrs


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delivery amendments

Call in to Reschedule / Cancel booked deliveries. 

Track your Order

Real Time tracking. Know when your delivery is on it's way.

Option to pay in cash at either Pick-Up or Drop-Off.

Cash on




Partners are entitled to


Engage with the best delivery service based in Singapore,
discover our wide range of value-added services!

Spoink offers competitive market pricing and world class service standards with no hidden costs.

Transparent Pricing!

No Booking Fees

There are no extra costs involved for using our services.

No Hidden Costs
All costs are reflected in final price quote before you press the submit button.

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