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Operational Hours

Monday - Friday       Saturday - Sunday
0800 - 2200 hrs        0830 - 2200 hrs

Excluding Public holidays & Valentine's day.

Delivery Hours 


Monday - Friday       Saturday - Sunday
0800 - 1200 hrs        0830 - 2200 hrs
1300 - 1700 hrs        1300 - 1700 hrs

1800 - 2200 hrs        1800 - 2200 hrs


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Dream Big, Love Life & Be Merry

Core Values

Dream Big

It's always good to have dreams, dream big work hard and turn those dreams into reality. Spoink is driven by the dreams of our founder and our wonderful staff, with their tireless effort to deliver only the best in service excellence for our customers.

Love Life

Love your life knowing that there are people out there that love and care for you. Love life by driving safe yet efficiently not endangering pedestrians, commuters and fellow drivers. Our delivery drivers are encouraged to drive safe because we care for them. We take care of our staff and they will in turn take care of our customers.

Be Merry

Smile irregardless of how bad your day might be, make someone's day better and in turn, yours.
Our staff are giving their all doing what they love, return the friendly gesture of a smile and spread the love!