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Operational Hours

Monday - Friday       Saturday - Sunday
0800 - 2200 hrs        0830 - 2200 hrs

Excluding Public holidays & Valentine's day.

Delivery Hours 


Monday - Friday       Saturday - Sunday
0800 - 1200 hrs        0830 - 2200 hrs
1300 - 1700 hrs        1300 - 1700 hrs

1800 - 2200 hrs        1800 - 2200 hrs


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What are your Operational hours?
Both our delivery and operational hours may be found on the bottom right hand corner of every page :)

What Kind of items do you deliver?

We deliver Parcels, Documents, Clothing etc. We do not deliver illegal items of which are banned in Singapore.

Will I receive a call confirming package has been delivered to my client?
You will receive a text within 1 hour confirming package delivery. You may also request confirmation via voice call or email.


Do you guys deliver internationally?
We currently only deliver within Singapore, we are planning to venture out to other countries towards the near future.

Do you deliver to every part of Singapore?

We deliver to every part of Singapore except for remote areas and/or areas we deem as unsafe and places that require security passes and/or donning of safety gears.


What are the methods of booking a delivery?
You may book your delivery only via our website through our book delivery tab.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)