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Operational Hours

Monday - Friday       Saturday - Sunday
0800 - 2200 hrs        0830 - 2200 hrs

Excluding Public holidays & Valentine's day.

Delivery Hours 


Monday - Friday       Saturday - Sunday
0800 - 1200 hrs        0830 - 2200 hrs
1300 - 1700 hrs        1300 - 1700 hrs

1800 - 2200 hrs        1800 - 2200 hrs


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Packaging Guidelines

*Items which are not packed/labelled properly will be rejected and returned to sender for repackaging.

  • Please inform our staff upon pickup if you are sending bottled items such as wine, champagne etc.

  • To prevent unwanted breakage, please use protective materials such as bubble wrap or foam. Place items upright to prevent excessive movement.

  • Fragile items MUST be labelled with a fragile sticker.

  • Please pack clothing using a proper plastic/carrier bag to maintain cleanliness.

  • Please fill up empty spaces in carton boxes with improvised protection such as recycled newspaper.

  • Please place items containing liquids in a sealable bag and keep them upright to prevent spillage.

  • Please stack your items in a manner whereas lighter loads are placed on top and the heavier loads at the bottom of the package.